Anatomy for Artists with Scott Eaton

This year I’ve dedicated a majority of my time to study and tying up all those artistic loose ends that I felt were holding me back from being the professional artist I’ve been striving towards. Although I’ve been drawing the human figure for over 10 years now Anatomy was one of those things I was never properly instructed in. After months of searching online for a course that I felt would give me the proper training I found Scott Eaton’s “Anatomy for Artists online course”. The website is self explanatory if your looking into studying anatomy so I won’t go into detail.

I will say that in 8 weeks of highly detailed and informative study through online video lecture I now feel I’ve had the proper training in anatomy I always wanted. The course is thorough and takes dedication but it’s worth every second of effort and every dollar of cost for a proper education on anatomy. I’d like to publicly thank Scott for such a comprehensive course.

The pictures above are from one of the final Ecorche assignments in this course. By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll be able to draw all the visible surface anatomy on the human figure. The images above are of 3 sculptures from the Louvre that the muscles were drawn on top of.

As a former student I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants a thorough understanding of Anatomy for Artists. Check it out for yourself.

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3 replies on “Anatomy for Artists with Scott Eaton

  • paul

    Since you’ve been drawing for 10 years, why didn’t you consider Glen Vilppu’s courses instead? if you have taken those could you do a comparison or why you chose this one instead?

    • Bragino

      Paul. I’ve seen some of Glen’s videos on anatomy and own a couple as well. I’ve tried numerous ways to learn anatomy through books and online videos throughout the years but I finally made a stand and decided to enroll in an immersive course where you could get feedback from an instructor. I can’t compare the Villipu series directly to what Scott Eaton teaches because I haven’t done Glen’s series but I can tell you that the depth of Scott’s course, if you apply yourself, and honestly do the work is well worth the price. For me I needed some sort of time limit on handing in assignments to stay laser focused on the subject and Scott’s course offers that. You’re accountable to the work and that is worth a lot in order to learn the material and move forward from there. The concepts that Glen teaches are more of a construction method of drawing like the way concept designers are taught to draw and I’ve studied that method as well on my own. Scott’s system is straight anatomy using the method of Ecorche to teach you the muscles which I think is extremely effective in learning anatomy. I’ve also taken “Analytical Figure Drawing” with Michael Hampton over at CGMA online which was a great course as well. Anatomy is a comprehensive subject so any of these courses or multiple ones will be helpful. Hope that helps you out. Good luck…..

      • paul

        Thanks for the detailed feedback. will set some time aside to go through Scott’s curriculum. You are right, they do chew up a lot of time and need much dedication!


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