"My art is a reflection of the journey we all walk in life, a deep search for meaning and the beauty we experience along the way. If you believe in following your dreams and connecting with the sacred mystery of life then I think we're going to get along just fine! "


24 inpiring memes with art backdrops for you to get inspired. Share with others and spread the inspiration around!

Original image - "Internal Light B" - Prints available

Know anyone who could use a Guardian?

The Guardian Bird Collection is standing strong and ready to watch over our greatest dreams in life. Your perfect Guardian awaits…


I’m Live Painting Online

I’m painting live on Facebook – Monday – Thursday 7:15-9:00pm EST


In honor of the Spiritual Path

Staying “tuned in” can be hard for most of us but the good news is, we’re not alone. I was asked by one of my guides to “Shine a light” on my spiritual journey. To honor that I created a series of paintings that honors the sacred. My intention is to connect with and support others with art that honors this path.