"My art is a reflection of the journey we all walk in life, a deep search for meaning and the beauty we experience along the way. If you believe in following your dreams and connecting with the sacred mystery of life then I think we're going to get along favorably! "


18 wise and shareable memes of birds to encourage your tribe. Become a hero by setting the birds free…


I followed my heart

My dream of being an artist brought me here and led me to create the Grain of Consciousness Series. Ps. They’re much more than just beautiful pictures, there’s a lot of meaning to be found. Which one supports your unique journey in your life?


Have you met your Guardian?

The Guardian Bird Collection is standing strong and ready to watch over our greatest dreams in life. Your perfect Guardian awaits…



24 inpiring memes with art backdrops for you to get inspired. Share with others and spread the inspiration around!

Original image - "Internal Light B" - Prints available

I’m Live Painting Online

I’m painting live on Facebook – Monday – Thursday 7:15-9:00pm EST