What image comes to mind when you think of the Sacred Journey you’re walking in life? What landscape do you see?
What’s around you? What do you feel? How about your future dreams and aspirations?

Throughout my career as an artist, I’ve enjoyed painting a variety of sacred images that have created a clear vision of
my journey as well as the dreams and aspirations of countless others. My specialized training in storytelling and
concept design has allowed me the ability to create and compose mood and meaning in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional
creative works. I’d be honored to work with you to help you realize a visual depiction of your unique journey!

Images like the one below entitled “Learning to Fly,” work with the mind
on a subconscious level which is the key place where change takes place. Once your
original commissioned image is complete, you have some options to use it to serve you in your life.
You can have it turned into Prints, Greeting Cards, Thank You Cards, Postcards, Screensavers, Framed Gifts
for loved ones, or a Special Artifact in your space to remind you of your journey and the vision, you have for your life!


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View the 3 minute condensed down creation process video for “Learning to Fly”

Learning to Fly ~ Aspirational image for Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year BaseCamp program

“Along the journey towards finding ourselves, there are continual challenges that we need to overcome during our personal ascent. I cherish the ground-based journey as an important one, but there comes a time when we have to move past where our feet can take us, leave our stable footing behind and leap out into the realm of faith. I took a personal leap last year when I joined the Basecamp program. Over the course of a year, I’ve learned that I have a lot to learn. From the moment I stepped off that cliff, I wanted to fly but was unable to unfurl my wings fully. I thought this journey was something that I needed to do alone, but I was wrong. My fellow seekers in the Basecamp crew showed me, through their determination, their setbacks, their encouragement, their ideas and their wins that I’m not alone. None of us are alone. The are other birds out there that are all learning to fly. We’re all seeking the same summit of self-realization. We all have the aspiration to soar high above our self-imposed limits. The most important lesson that I learned is that once we let go of trying to do it all by ourselves and embrace the assistance of like-minded people we unlock the key that allows us to unfurl our wings and soar upon the wind alongside one another with courage, beauty and grace.”



Naomi – Huntington, NY

Soulfully creative.. intuitive.. genuine.. self-less in that Peter listens to your desire and then he manifests what you didn’t even realize you were actually sharing and then .. he creates the art that is your unique message with integrity and honor. His art gives us a closer look into what words always fall short of. A view into love, hope, creation and the joy that is within us but couldn’t express, he does that for us.

If I had to describe your work to a freind I’d use the words emotional consciousness. Your art connects people to deeper parts of themselves.


Marie – San Diego, CA


Kim – Aliso Viejo, CA

Passionate interpretations of beauty and nature, embodying emotion. Your art enhances living spaces, invokes thought and contemplation and ignites conversation.

Thought provoking and reflective. Your art always attracts people who come over to our home and offers conversation and insights. Honestly for me…they make me smile and feel a spiritual connection. Your art creates beauty and positivity. In today’s world this is often overlooked and your art makes us pause for a moment or two. ..to enjoy the beauty in front of us..making us remove ourselves from the craziness of life.


Amy and Stanton – Tustin, CA


Learning to Fly - Condors flying high above a mountain pass and cloud filled sky

Sacred Journey Commissions are unique because they evoke a feeling or an idea beyond what words can express. Adding a powerful image to your message allows the meaning to integrate on a much deeper level than with words alone. Aspirational images can define the dreams and goals of an entire community elevating their collective belief system to a place of incredible clarity and purpose. Packages start at $3500.00 (and include a video documentary of the whole creative process. The video shown above is more akin to a trailer.)

Fine Art Commissions consist of two-dimensional or three-dimensional works of art for the purpose of enhancing the beauty and communal interactivity of interior spaces. I specialize in drawing, painting, wood engraving, and mixed media works. Imagine that perfect piece of artwork that you always wanted but were never able to find. I can make that a reality! Click here to view a gallery of artwork from past projects. You can also check out the Eternal Blessings Project, an interactive installation piece created for the Indigenous Cultural Education Center in Lebanon, CT. Packages start at $6500.00 (and include a video documentary of the entire creative process similar to the one shown above)

Spirit Animal Commissions consist of digital paintings, physical two-dimensional paintings, or three-dimensional dioramas depicting your personal spirit animal in any environment and mood that you want. Whatever scene you can imagine we can create. Imagine where you’d love to see your spirit animal. What would that perfect place look like? Click here to view a gallery of artwork from past projects. Packages start at $3500.00 (and include a video documentary of the entire creative process similar to the one shown above)

Illustration Commissions consist of book covers, album covers, posters, editorial, and web graphics. If you need a hand crafted image to help communicate your ideas or to promote your product, project, or service this would the perfect solution. Illustrations stand out because they’re personal, unique, and hand drawn/painted. Click here to view a gallery of artwork from past projects. Packages start at $2500.00 (and include a video documentary of the entire creative process similar to the one shown above)