Sacred Smoke Series #20


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18″ x 24″ – Painting dimensions – 2″w frame
Acrylic on Linen- Handcrafted Frame – Natural gemstones

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1 in stock



Introducing the “Sacred Smoke Series”: Handcrafted Sacred Objects de Art

Unlock the Power of Intuition and Chart Your Unique Path in Life

The “Sacred Smoke Series” is a collection of meticulously crafted artworks designed to help you tap into your intuition and navigate your distinct life journey.

Each painting in this series is a fusion of natural gemstones, strength-infused steel, visionary tiger eye, protective Navajo Ghost Bead (Cedar Bead), and the timeless wisdom of Preciosa Pearl.


  1. Natural Gemstones: These precious stones are not just ornamental but carefully chosen for their inherent properties.
  2. Steel for Strength: Infused with steel elements, our artwork symbolizes strength and resilience, reminding you of your inner power.
  3. Tiger Eye for Vision and Clarity: Tiger eye gemstones offer clarity of vision, helping you see your path amid life’s complexities.
  4. Navajo Ghost Bead (Cedar Bead) for Protection: The Navajo Ghost Bead, also known as the Cedar Bead, provides a protective aura, shielding you from negativity.
  5. Preciosa Pearl for Internal Wisdom: Pearls, long associated with wisdom, encourage you to trust your inner guidance and seek answers.

By incorporating these meaningful elements into each piece, the “Sacred Smoke Series” becomes a visual and spiritual journey that empowers you to embrace your intuition and unique life path.

Add a touch of enlightenment and beauty to your surroundings with these exquisite paintings, each handcrafted with care and intention.

Elevate your space, enhance your connection to self, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with the “Sacred Smoke Series.” Explore the collection and choose the artwork that resonates with your spirit today.


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