A weekend of pure fun and unrestrictive creative expression, with an amazing artistic community.
No music or art experience required. Beginners encouraged.

Do you have a desire to connect with community and explore yourself and your creativity?
The Sacred Journey Workshop was designed to be an immersive experience – to bring you back to your creative nature and allow you a newfound freedom and voice and way of moving in the world. We combine two potent immersive programs – Born Creative & Empowered Voice – for a superfood powered weekend all about expressing, healing, creating, and playing our way back to ourselves and our true nature.

What can I expect during this weekend?

We all come to this planet as natural creators. We are born AS creators. Regardless of what you think your skillset is – I take you on this journey and get you playfully engaged as if you were a child again.

So many people believe they come out of the womb an artist – otherwise they are doomed never to get past the “I only doodle on the phone stage”. Well, my friends, that’s just not true – and this immersive day is a re-introduction to that innate, healing creativity.

The same way a child doesn’t have to be convinced that they will walk, it’s inevitable – and suddenly, it becomes second nature. The same way we learn how to speak, to walk, we take the time with Born Creative to learn the skill sets we need to create the art we desire.

Each one of us has been born with our own medicine that when used with a certain intention has the power to heal pains in our body.  We’ve been gifted with an innate awareness that can find fear trapped in our cells and ease that fear.  This is your voice. Your Empowered Voice.

This is your Medicine Song. On Sunday, we sing and create -we open up our voices and our medicine.  As we open up our voices and creativity we can discover that each one of us holds a key. A key to unlock truths.  As we unlock these truths this allows creative ideas to flow through us.

We will ground by connecting to our breath.  We will connect to our bodies, the instrument of our voice,  through yoga. We will explore imbalances and blockages in our throat chakra through classical vocal technique & mantra exercises.  Release limiting beliefs that may keep you from hearing your inner truth.

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(complete with vegan treats)

Here’s what we have planned for you!


With Peter Bragino

  • Sacred Ceremony & Yoga

  • Vegan Breakfast

  • Free Association Art Making

  • Hiking & Nature Drawing

  • Vegan Lunch

  • Hiking & Nature Drawing II

  • Dinner

  • Meditative Drum Circle

  • Vespers


With Hannah Ardenski

  • Sacred Ceremony & Yoga

  • Vegan Breakfast

  • Vocal Power Attunement

  • Vegan Lunch

  • Uncovering your True Voice

  • Sacred Song Celebration

  • Dinner

  • Improv Jam Circle

  • Vespers

~ $397 Per Person ~

(Includes both workshops + food and on site camping for the weekend)


Vegan Meals with Chef Bliss

“These flavors were ready to dance the night away”
– Michael Gannon, Hartford Courant

“Gourmet food from another planet. Chef Bliss makes you feel amazingly enlightened with his delicious and creative recipes. This trained pastry chef from Johnson & Wales University has combined his knowledge of flavor with his learnings of Natural Healing. His goal is to put the soul back in food by making your body and taste buds happy.”
– Michael Katz, founder of Gemisphere