Let’s unpack The 4 Main Components of creating ideas that communicate, and discover, the tools to make that happen!
In this step by step demonstration, I take you through the steps that I use to create a finished painting.

I’ve gathered the information that I’m presenting here from my personal experience in making art and pictures professionally for the past 20 years.

I only wish that someone would have sat me down when I was first starting to study art and drilled these fundamental ideas into my head.
To say it would have changed my artistic journey dramatically is an understatement.

“Sincerity, and Peter is One-of-a-Kind. If you enjoy art, Bragino’s expertise is priceless. I’m hoping he starts guitar lessons.”

Troy Oleary

“Bragino is extremely empathetic and wise, which in addition to his artistic knowledge makes him a great teacher. He was taught by the late great Jeffrey K. Fisher, and will pass on those excellent techniques in learning how to see.”

Annu Annam

“Peter is patient, kind and has an incredible ability to inspire creativity. He has instilled a love of learning in my daughters and we are truly grateful.”

Stephanie Rexer

“Who wouldn’t wish to be mentored by a gifted and talented soul filled with a passion for art and a deep desire to inspire others to grow? This is Peter Bragino!”

Lynn Huguet

“Peter Bragino is a patient and caring individual who puts his heart and soul into teaching his love for art to others. He is thoughtful and considerate when creating any project he is asked to take on.”

Gina Lonardo

“Peter is an amazing artist — his desire to make a positive change is beautiful. He’s also extremely dedicated to his work. very patient, and best of all he really enjoys teaching. Doesn’t get better than that.”

Udi Sachdev

“I loved Peter’s experience creating art and being able to impart his knowledge and experience when teaching. Explanations are clear and his enthusiasium is amazing. Knowlege of color composition, art elements and concepts is expansive.”

Johanna Schneider

This image has a lot to teach us.
We’re going to break it all down in the Art of Creativity

What the casual viewer seesWhat the trained creative sees



  • Understand the tools to create art that communicates

  • Develop your own artist’s toolkit

  • See what’s really going on in a piece of art

  • Learn to create art with confidence

  • Learn to speak the language of creativity and design

  • Gain the ability to attend an art show, gallery or museum with new eyes

  • Leave the blank white page syndrome behind

  • Understand key art terms and concepts

  • Gain a new process for successful image creation

  • See why baking a cake and making art are strangely similar

  • Understand why it’s often best to leave the details till the end

  • Learn why thinknig about what your creating is of utmost importance


Learn the Art of Creativity